Well Child Check Ups

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Well child check ups are vital to the health and well-being of our patients.
These preventive visits are very important for the following reasons:

  • Track how children are growing, showing their Height, Weight and Head Circumference (in children under 2 years of age)

  • Provide parents with useful information in the care of their child

  • Provide routine immunizations to prevent potentially serious illnesses

Vaccine Safety: The Facts
Addressing Common Concerns

Well Child Check Up & Immunization Schedule:

What to expect at your Well Child Check Up Appointment:


1 week:               1 month:

Immunizations         Immunizations

Handouts                Handouts


2 month:              4 month:

Immunizations         Immunizations

Handouts               Handouts


6 month:              9 month:

Immunizations          Immunizations

Handouts               Handouts


12 month:             15 month:

Immunizations            Immunizations

Handouts                 Handouts


AAP Feeding Guide for children, ages 2-12 


18 month:             24 month:

Immunizations             Immunizations

Handouts                  Handouts


3 to 18 year: Check ups recommended yearly

3 year:                       4 year:

Handouts                           Handouts


5 year:                       6 year:

Handouts                            Handouts


8 year:                        10 year:

Handouts                            Handouts


11 year Female:



12 year Male: 


14 year Female: