Growth and Development
6 to 8 Months


  • Vocalizes attitudes

  • Babbles

  • Demonstrates excitement

  • Vocalizes syllable sounds (e.g. Ba, Ma, Da)

  • If child makes sound and adult imitates, child will imitate adult

  • Imitates some gestures

  • Responds to own name by vocalizing or ceasing activity

  • Begins to turn head to side on hearing sounds

  • Attends to sights and sounds in environment

  • May begin imitating acts, such as pat-a-cake, and sound sequences, such as “oh-oh”




  • Begins to show stranger fear and separation anxiety

  • Begins to show physical demonstration of frustrations




  • May put small or sharp objects in mouth

  • May explore environment without apparent fear

  • Requires car seat for safe travel in automobile (until height reaches >40 inches in State of Kentucky)




  • Has increased periods of play activity

  • Baby responds to and enjoys:

    • Contact with family members

    • Exploring environment

    • Brightly colored objects

    • Push and pull toys

    • Busy boxes

    • Manipulative toys

    • Water play

    • Sits alone

    • Plays with feet

    • May start crawling or creeping

    • May start to clap and wave hands

    • May pull up to stand (9 months)