Fever and Treatment

Fever is a temperature of 100.5 (38.1 degrees C) or higher

  • Many People Mistakenly Think That Any Temperature Above 98.6 Is A Fever.

  • Fever IS NOT Dangerous or Harmful. Fever Is Actually Helpful During An Illness. It Revs Up The Child's NATURAL Immune System to Help Fight Off  The infection.

  • Fever DOES NOT Cause Brain Damage

The Whole Child Pediatrics Tips for Parents

Take Your Child's Temperature With A Reliable Thermometer

  • Vicks V934 Digital Thermometer

  • Tat 2000C Forehead Thermometer

  • Kinsa Smart Thermometer

  • Read the Actual Temperature on Thermometer: Do Not Add or Subtract A Degree

  • Tell Us the Temperature, Where You Took It, and Which Thermometer You Used

  • Tell Us If You Treated Your Child, What Medicine You Used and What Dose You Gave

Treat Fever ONLY:

  • If Temperature is 102 Degrees or Higher

  • If Your Child is Uncomfortable or Fussy With the Illness

Call Us Urgently At 859-647-6700 And Then Press 9 (IF WE ARE YOUR PEDIATRICIANS) If Your Child:

  • Has a Fever and Looks Extremely Ill or is Very Fussy


  • Is Persistently Vomiting

  • Has a Sore Throat, Ear Pain or Severe Headache or Stiff Neck

  • Is Under 2 Months of Age and Has A Temperature of 100.5 (38.1 degrees C) or Higher. This May Indicate A Serious Bacterial Infection.

  • Is Looking Or Acting Ill Even if They Don't Have A Fever

  • Has Vomiting And/Or Diarrhea And Not Urinating Well, or Has Dry Mouth