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For New Parents

It’s exciting… and exhausting to be a parent, especially a newborn. We’re here to help you by providing the very best care and provide vital information you need during this time.

Our family is
here to meet
the needs of your growing family.

We love our parents, and especially with new and soon-to-be parents. This is such an amazing time, and there is so much information expecting parents need to know for the health and well-being of your growing child. We understand and appreciate the many challenges new parents face, and we want to help ease the transition into parenthood. We offer FREE prenatal consultations. Call us today at 859-647-6700 to schedule your free consultation. We further provide guidance in the following ways:

We counsel and educate parents about their new babies

We help parents foster healthy and safe sleep habits in their new baby.

We teach parents about nutrition, growth and development.

We help parents learn about the uniqueness of their new baby.

We give helpful information about car seats, growth and development, nutrition, etc.

During your
New Parent

Tour our office and meet our friendly staff

Get answers to questions you may have about delivery, newborn care, breastfeeding, etc.

We discuss preparing your home for the new baby before and after delivery

We discuss the unique challenges of being new parents

Florence Primary Care Tips for Parents

Take your child's temperature with a reliable thermometer: Vicks V934 Digital Thermometer, Tat 2000C Forehead Thermometer, Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Read the actual temperature on thermometer: do not add or subtract a degree.

Tell us the temperature, where you took it, and which thermometer you used.

Tell us if you treated your child, what medicine you used and what dose you gave.