Why Immunize?

Why Should You Immunize Your Child?

Jordan knows that immunizing her daughter Rory is a vital part of keeping her healthy.

Jordan knows that immunizing her daughter Rory is a vital part of keeping her healthy.


At the Whole Child Pediatrics we firmly believe in the following:

  • Effectiveness of Vaccines in Preventing Serious Illnesses and Saving Lives

  • Vaccines are safe

  • All Children and Young Adults Should Receive All Recommended Vaccines

  • Vaccines DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM or Other Developmental Disorders. This is Based on Scientific Literature, Evidence and Current Studies

  • Thimerosal (a vaccine preservative in only a few vaccines) Does Not Cause Autism or other Developmental Disorders. This is based on available scientific literature, evidence and current studies.

  • Vaccinating Children and Young Adults May be the Single Most Important Health Promoting Intervention we perform as pediatricians. The Vaccine Schedule is the Result of Years of Scientific Study and Data Gathering on Millions of Children by Thousands of Our Brightest Scientists and Physicians.

We know and recognize that there has always been controversy surrounding vaccinations:

As early as the 1700's, Benjamin Franklin was opposed to the Smallpox Vaccination until scientific data convinced him otherwise.  Tragically, he delayed giving his 4 year old son the vaccine and that son contracted Smallpox and died.

"In 1736, I lost one of my sons, a fine boy of 4 years old, by the smallpox...I long regretted bitterly and still regret that I had not given it to him by inoculation. This mention for the sake of parents who omit that operation, on the supposition that they should never forgive themselves if a child  died under it, my example showing that the regret may be the same either way, and that, therefore, the safer should be chosen."
Benjamin Franklin


We Are Dedicated To Taking The Best Care Of Your Child!

Part Of That Care is Vaccinating Your Children To Protect Them. We Will Do Everything We Can to Convince You That VACCINATING Your Children According to Guidelines is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. We Base That Recommendation On Our Education, Experience, and Knowledge.

The Schedule for Vaccines is According to Scientific Guidelines Set by Experts’ Recommendations.

There is NO Scientific Evidence That Delaying or Separating the vaccines (giving them every 2 weeks) prevents or minimizes side effects.

There is no scientific evidence that giving multiple vaccines overwhelms the immune system.

There is scientific evidence that not vaccinating your child puts him/her at risk for serious vaccine preventable illnesses or even death.

We value and respect you as parents in our practice and know that you are trying to take the very best care of your children. Please let us help you be successful in that care. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss immunizations with you.