Growth and Development
Birth to 4 weeks


  • Utters throaty noises; smacks lips

  • Smiles randomly

  • Responds to human face

  • Cry is strong and lusty when hungry or uncomfortable



  • Baby enjoys being held, cuddled, touched, talked to and smiled at

  • Shows subtle cues of recognition of parent

  • Stares at surroundings

  • Focuses about eight (8) inches away



  • Requires car seat for safe travel in automobile (until height reaches >40 inches in the State of Kentucky). Rear facing until 20 pounds and can sit up well – safest center back seat.

  • Do not leave baby unattended on table, counter, bed, etc.



  • Music (music boxes, soft radio music, singing)

  • Rocking

  • Hold and cuddle

  • Likes black and white geometric shapes or primary colors

  • Likes human voice

  • Can become over stimulated