Growth and Development
4 to 6 Months


  • Recognizes familiar objects and voices

  • Begins to listen selectively to familiar words, such as “Mama, doggie”, that are accompanied by consistent information

  • Laughs aloud

  • May vocalize to interrupt another’s conversation

  • Babbles, coos, and gurgles when talked to

  • Enjoys having people around and enjoys being talked to

  • Turns to source of sound

  • Will start to sit with support

  • Begins to roll over



  • May roll off bed or furniture

  • May put small or sharp objects in mouth

  • Requires car seat for safe travel in automobile (until height reaches >40 inches in State of Kentucky)



  • Baby responds to and enjoys:

    • Increased contact with family members

    • Free motor play

    • Mirror play

    • Soft, large toys

    • Plastic rings, blocks, keys

    • “Banging” toys

    • Reaches for objects – manipulates objects