Growth and Development
2 to 4 Months


  • Awake longer periods of time

  • Smiles in response to another’s smile (especially parent)

  • Responds differently to familiar vs. unfamiliar voices; angry vs. friendly tones

  • Babbles: playful repetition of some sounds

  • Shows pleasure in making sounds; coos, laughs aloud

  • Responds to selected sounds by stopping activity and listening

  • Looks around in search of speaker, watches speaker’s face or mouth

  • Uses sucking to soothe self

  • Shows awareness of own sounds, takes turns when vocalizing between infant and caregiver

  • Begins to turn



  • Requires car seat for safe travel in automobile ( until height reaches > 40 inches in State of Kentucky)



  • New activities that baby responds to and enjoys:

    • Increased contact with family members

    • Grasps and rattles objects – holds for brief period

    • Free motor play

    • Holds hands in front, plays with fingers

    • Being taken to different rooms

    • Uses Infant play seat