Growth and Development
1 to 2 Months


  • Vocalizes with small throaty sounds; gurgles in response to human voice

  • Regards face intently

  • Cries as a means to obtain a social response; has a special cry for hunger, pain, etc.

  • Movement of eyes, respiratory rate and activity level change with new sounds

  • Begins to smile at 6 to 8 weeks in response to environmental stimulation or human face

  • Begins to follow objects

  • Produces short vowel sounds; sometimes repeats the same syllable or sounds while vocalizing



  • Requires a car seat for safe travel in automobile (until height >40 inches in Kentucky)



  • Baby responds to and enjoys:

  • Mobiles with large and bright colored objects or black and white designs

  • Human faces

  • Human voice

  • Being held, rocked, cuddled

  • Exercise of extremities in swimming motion